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Delivering Your Business and Professional Identity in a Single Digital Profile

Digital Card

Create your own digital card and compile important professional details like your name, contact numbers, address, qualifications, and more.

Company Creation

Build a company profile that tells people more about your business, with detail about your revenue, company background, employee culture, and more.

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Digital Wallet

Store digital copies of important files and documents that you need as a professional by simply scanning the physical copies and saving them in the system.

Features! At A Glance.

Have complete fuss-free control over your professional or business profile!

The days when you needed a printed out business card or profile are over. With VillBoy, you have everything you need to introduce yourself as a professional or business in a single all-in-one app.

Enjoy a secure and seamless experience as you integrate every single company detail, like your business name, field of specialization, company background, and other relevant information in one app.

User Friendly

Access, add to, and edit all your professional and business details in a few taps.

Secure System

Set up security questions, one time passwords, and other details to keep your account secure.

Minimal Interfae

Link social media profiles to make your VillBoy profile complete.

Complete Profile

Have one place for people to see your complete professional and business details.

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I was the type of person who handed physical business cards around. Lately, however, I noticed that people would rather ask me for my online portfolio that I started thinking twice if I should still be handing out my cards. That’s when I discovered VillBoy. It became my digital business card and online portfolio rolled into one.

Rashed Kabir
John Mounce
Real Estate Professional

My business is still a bit young, and I really need something to show potential clients who I was, and what kind of potential my business has. VillBoy has been doing that for me since I started using it, and my business growth has been unbelievable.

Eh Jewel
Peter Doey
Business Owner

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